BottleCore(TM) is a composite sandwich core system based on blow molded segments that facilitates the manufacturing of very thick sandwich panels, 4 to 24 inches thick, and thicker. The basic concept uses an array of hollow rectangular segments arranged in a sheet to form the core, with sandwich face skins on top and bottom in the usual way. Once the segments and skins are bonded together, using resin infusion or other molding techniques, the sides of the segments form webs which act as though they were continuous; like a giant rectangular honeycomb. Segments can be wrapped with glass or carbon fiber, thus forming fiber reinforced webs, adding considerable shear strength and stiffness to the core. The segment geometry and wrapping configuration can be tailored to specific structural requirements of shear strength, shear modulus, compression strength, and others.  Additional background information can be found in: Core Material for Large Scale Structures Based on Blow Molding, a paper presented at American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA) show in Columbus, Ohio, September 29th, 2005. We are currently looking for demonstration projects, and would like to help with your application if we can. So send an email to address below and lets talk. Have a great day, Sincerely, Steven J. Winckler.